Skip tracing

Skip tracing

Kemps Petersons Receivables merged with Service to Service, a 35-year-old business offering process serving, field calls and skip tracing, in 2015.

Collectively, we are among the most sought-after process servers and field agents in the country, with over 300 clients across Australia, most of which are law firms.

Skip tracing / location inquiries

Inevitably, some debtors will avoid contact through changing address, not answering the phone or changing contact numbers. With debt stress so prevalent, more debtors are moving on or “skipping” on their obligations. Kemps Petersons Receivables has a number of tools to locate such debtors.

Database searches

We carry out a number of specific database searches. These typically involve:

  • Title searches to confirm a property’s registered owner(s) and;
  • Company searches that confirm whether a company is still operating, its business address and details of the company’s directors.

Private investigation

Where preliminary enquiries have been exhausted, we engage our team of private investigators.

To provide the best chance of a positive outcome, it is important creditors provide as much information about the debtor as possible. Armed with this information, our private investigators will attempt to locate the debtor with resources at their disposal.

If successful, our private investigators then assume the role of field agent, demanding payment or serving legal documents to the debtor.

A comprehensive report detailing the results of the private investigator’s enquiries, with recommendations, is then provided to the creditor.